“Wedding Planning Marries Wellness”

Dear Bride to Be, are you feeling overwhelmed due to wedding planning? May I ask what your time is worth to you? Can you actually put a price tag on your time? I know we can not purchase time, and we for sure cannot get time back. Did you know that the hours spent planning a wedding without the assistance of a professional wedding planner averages 350 hours! For a quick comparison there are 168 hours in a full week, that adds up to over 2 weeks (14.5 days) and equal to 21,000 minutes of your life. Coupled with giving up these 350 hours of your everyday life, you are at the same time encountering all kinds of new relationship dynamics. From colleagues to family to friends to yourself! Read that last one again…..your relationship with yourself, the most important relationship in your world!

Were you aware it takes 66 days to develop a habit? Behavior change on any level can be challenging, the dictionary defines behavior as, the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others. When big changes are forming in your life every day is just as important as the next, and our behavior & reaction during these times can play a key role for the years ahead.

When I say you cannot buy back time, I mean that literally, as well as in theory. During stressful times when it feels like you are juggling everything on your plate it can be easy to react in a way, we wish we had not. In times of struggle, it is easy to say or do something we wish we could then take back once the clouds clear in our minds.

Working with Brides, Grooms & Families for over 2 decades now I have been a witness to far too many of these occurrences, where the second the words are spoken, or the text or email is sent there is immediate regret. I guide all of my clients to try a few things prior to any reaction that could have long lasting consequences. First, I advise, record what you want to say and play it back to yourself. Second, write what you want to say and read it back to yourself. Try journaling why you are feeling the way you are in this situation; chances are it has nothing to do with the very person you are about to lash out at. Meditate & breathe your way through the frustration. If after all of these exercises you still feel strongly about what needs to be addressed, then I suggest setting a time to speak calmly about it with all parties involved. Do not leave room for any he said, she said scenarios, get all parties together and clear the air. This can be about wedding budgets, guest lists, seating charts, attire, location. So many of these things come out of nowhere when you add in overwhelm, stress and struggle. In the role of Wedding Planner, I often play the peacekeeper role, I listen to all parties involved and help to find a peaceful solution, there is always a peaceful solution. You can rely on your Wedding Planner to deliver news or relay messages that might seem uncomfortable for you to do.

In my retreats for Brides to Be we go over all of these practices in much further depth. We share 3 nights and 4 days of ways to have you enjoy this entire process without stress or struggle. Our next in person retreat will take place in Nashville, Tennessee on October 14-17, 2021 at The Belle Air Mansion. Space is limited at 20, pricing is $3,999 USD per person.

If you have any wedding planning questions you are invited to join me weekly live at 10am EST on Facebook at @Leftovercakechat. I chat everything weddings while eating cake and on occasion drinking champagne in my pjs! Cheers to you and a happy and healthy wedding planning journey! TheBridalRetreat.com

Kristin Sullivan | Wedding & Wellness Coach | Chief Celebration Officer @Swivel Group Events Creator of The Bridal Retreat + idoin30 wedding & wellness planning deck + a wedding journal + hipbetty